Roof Repairs

If you have problems with your roof leaking it is important that this be fixed as soon as possible otherwise it can cause a lot of problems for your home.

We make sure we get to your home and assess the situation as quickly as possible, it could be as simple as a broken tile or it could be something like cracked or broken bedding. Whatever the problem we will locate it and get it repaired.

There may come a time when your once-appealing roof becomes damaged or defected. Call for an urgent roof repair. Whether the repair is planned or it becomes necessary due to an accident or act of nature, you want the best roof repair and tile company you can find. We here at Bayside Roof Restoration specialize in roof repairs, including:

• Re-Bedding

• Re-Pointing

• Valley Iron Replacements

• Re-Sealing Roofs

• Gutter Replacements

If your roof has broken or cracked tiles, damaged bedding or any other type of malfunction, it can cause major problems. Tiles should be repaired or replaced right away to avoid long-term issues, such as leaks. When you call us, our skilled team of workers will locate the problem and conduct an immediate assessment of the damage. This way, you will know exactly what to expect from us. We will then perform the proper repairs using top-notch materials to ensure quality service.

Roof Restorations

It can be embarrassing to have the worst roof on the block. To avoid this, have your roof restored. It may have begun to look dull and drab due to the elements, or it may look tired and worn because of age. Whatever the reasons, the result of a restoration will leave you feeling happy you did it. The restoration process includes:

• Tile Replacement

• Valley Iron Replacement

• Re-sealing

• Cleaning

• Painting

Restoring a roof does more than just add an appealing look to your home; it also increases its value. Whether it’s for presentation or equity, your roof deserves special consideration. A roof restoration is a great way to save money because the assessment is an effective way to uncover other hidden problems. By addressing them during the restoration process, you can guard against future damage.