Roof Restorations

There are many reasons why people need to have their roofs restored, as your roof is a major part of your home, it is important to having it look great as it can transform the external facade of your house and keep it looking in top condition. This can be a cost effective way to gain the look of a brand new roof in comparison to paying for a complete roof replacement.

We have years of experience in repainting roofs and can help advise you on any existing damage that might be present and additionally what other work may need to be done to restore your roof to tip-top condition. The process of restoring includes replacing any damaged tiles, we check and if necessary replace your valley irons, make sure it is all sealed then cleaned and we can then paint the roof with your choice of colour.

We provide roof painting services to the entire Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs, and all Bayside suburbs of Melbourne.

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